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The Snowplow Damaged My Mailbox - Now What?

While it may seem as though your local snowplow driver has a vendetta against your mailbox, that is rarely the case. The truth of the matter is drivers are generally courteous of homeowners property but are unable to control the force of the heavy snow coming from their plow. This heavy snow or ice are the most likely culprit to the damage you may see.

First place to start is by calling your city public works department. Many municipalities will reimburse homeowners after the city employee inspects the damage and agrees that the snowplow hit the mailbox. If they believe the force of snow caused the damage you're unlikely to get an compensation for the damage.

However, if you're in agreement that the plow directly caused the damage a reimbursement would be likely. Don't go celebrating yet though as payments typically range from $25 to $50 depending on the city. Sadly this is likely less than the cost of the mailbox and post that was just annihilated. $25 to $50 will only cover a cheap, generic, metal mailbox and not compensate for replacing any post damage let alone your time to set it up. Worse of all, there is no guarantee that this won't all happen again on the next snow fall. It's really putting a Band-Aid on the situation and unfortunately if you do not replace your mailbox your mail will simply not get delivered.

To truly prevent the force of thrown plow snow from hitting your mailbox you need a shield that is separate from your box and post. If the shield is connect it likely will not stop the force of thrown snow. Do-It-Yourself solutions such as pallets or plywood litter rural roadways today but often become weathered in the elements overtime and are an eyesore when not removed in the summer.

Our product is not going to stop a direct hit from a snowplow. Anything that could do that such as bricks is illegal and does not comply with USPS guidelines anyway. Instead, we created BoxBlox to protect both the mailbox and post from the force of thrown plow snow. Built from steel and high impact plastic combined with convenient no-tool and no-digging setup makes it the solution that saves homeowners their time and money. Get yours today and stop the mailbox carnage!

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