This winter my mailbox ended up in the ditch multiple times. This led to my mail not being delivered which was frustrating as I depend on the USPS to get my medication. ~Bark River, MI

I live on a rural road and my mailbox always gets destroyed. I was happy that I could easily set up BoxBlox and didn't have to buy supporting materials such as posts like some other products require. ~Eagle River, WI

Last Winter, I tried using T-Posts and Plywood but the wood is no match for winter weather and environment and didn't last 1 season. I'm excited to use BoxBlox to stop the frustration of constantly replacing my mailbox - Stephenson, MI

Year after year my mailbox is damaged by the snowplow. After replacing it this Spring, I decided to be proactive and try your BoxBlox. ~Eden Priaire, MN

I found BoxBlox to not only look better but also perform better than the piece of plywood I used to use. ~Appleton, WI

group of damage v2.png